Story of NGO AROHA goes back to April 2002 to two dynamic young ladies: Vishakha & Sharmistha; who were Corporate consultants and well known Market Re-searchers. They had a chance interaction with poor tribal women from Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra. This interaction totally changed their perspective to life and a realization dawned on them – that life is much more than corporate consultancy.

They decided to devote themselves to the upliftment of the underprivileged poor women and decided to work primarily on improving their Earning capacities and to create sustainable Livelihood opportunities. This was with a strong conviction that the enhanced Earning capacities would help these women live a dignified life and improve their status in the family. Her increased self-confidence would then motivate her to learn various life skills which would empower person and prepare her to be a responsible citizen of the country.  It was also clear from the beginning that the women should be able to work with flexible timings and from the comfort of their respective homes. So the focus was on making them the artisans and entrepreneurs rather than them becoming employees. Thus the challenging journey began with few women Self Help Groups from Gadchiroli district and today under the leadership of two capable ladies Vishakha and Sharmistha, NGO AROHA has touched the lives of around 24000 women from Vidarbha region through its various interventions: trainings, consultancy and hand-holding activities.

While NGO ARHOA was growing from strength to strength in the “Sustainable livelihood vertical”, another vertical was added in 2007 which was the need of the hour – Environment conservation. Conservation of Environment has become a critical factor globally and was the key to sustainability and survival of human race. Realizing the need for and importance of environment education, NGO AROHA decided to catch them young and started working with school children, whose minds are tender and open. Thereafter, went on to undertake plantation projects for various Institution to enhance and maintain the rich biodiversity of Central India. While working with tribal women it dawned upon the trustees that a lot of tribal babies were dying of hypothermia because they did not have clothing. Also, in the families of the poor women, majority of the earnings were being spent on health care. NGO AROHA then started conducting regular Health checkup camps and concentrate on preventive health care. AROHA also started stitching clothes for the newborn child and mother. NGO AROHA donates around 300 to 500 sets every year towards this cause through the hospitals in tribal areas. This prestigious vertical is under the supervision of senior Trustee Mrs. Alka Jog.

Vision of NGO AROHA

‘Sustainable living’ by promoting livelihood and life of dignity for every women & protecting green mother earth!


NGO AROHA views itself as a voluntary organization with a holistic approach which will help rural, tribal and under privileged urban women in their endeavour for sustainable livelihood by development of their skills and capacities.

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People behind

Mrs. Vishakha Rao-Jathar

President | B.Sc., M.B.A (Marketing Management)

  • Micro-enterprises and Marketing Research Consultant,
  • Consultant – livelihood promotion programmes
  • Founder trustee & President, AROHA
  • Assistant Governor, Rotary Dist. 3030 year 2015-16
  • Director, Sakar Fair Trade Inc. (Rangresha Goodwill Shoppe)
  • President, Rotary Club of Nagpur Fort, 2011-12
  • Certified handicraft artisan; specialised in Hand embroidery and hand painting
Vishakha Rao
Mrs. Vishakha Rao-Jathar

Mrs. Sharmishtha Gandhi

CEO | B.C.S., M.B.A. (Computer Management), M.B.A. (Operations Research) & MBA (Marketing Management)

  • Total 25 years of experience in the field of training, market research, project planning & implementation of livelihood promotion programmes and cluster development
  • Founder Trustee & CEO, AROHA
  • Certified handicraft artisan specialised in hand printing
Sharmistha Gandhi
Mrs. Sharmishtha Gandhi

Mr. Nishikant Jadhav


(Retired Conservator of Forest, Madhya Pradesh)

Mr. Ashish Sharad Shahane


(Ayurvedic Practitioner)

Mrs. Milka Praveen Dhorey


(Retired from Khadi & Village Commission)

Mrs. Alka Sachit Jog

Joint Secretary | B. Sc. Nursing

  • Trustee and initiator of programme – NAMS
  • Ex-principal, Government college of Nursing, Nagpur
  • Trainer, Yogabhyasi Mandal, Jog Bangala,
  • Organic Farmer

Mr. Pradeep Narayan Gawande

Executive committee member

(Agriculture Expert)

Mr. Shrikant Purushottamrao Gadge

Executive committee member

(Hon. Professor in Textile field, Retired from textile industry)