Covid Support

Covid pandemic is an unseen, unprecedented disaster which affected human race globally. Since it was a completely new virus, no one knew how to deal with it. On one side there was a dreaded fear of the virus and on the other hand, there was lockdown.

NGO AROHA took it as challenge and women associated with it manufactured cloth masks on large scale. They were donated free to Government Medical College and nursing staff of Mayo hospital. Women kept manufacturing them, which were distributed in the community and some women beneficiaries decided to sell and make their living during lockdown
Women also made PPE kits which were given to sanitary workers associated with government Quarantine centers.

AROHA collected donations and distributed 120 food kits.

NGO AROHA conducted online campaign to teach the community about COVID, precautions to take, how to take care of COVID infected patients and more importantly encouraged them to go in for vaccinations.


Community attended these weekly programmes on their mobiles. They became the community leaders to spread the message effectively and developed confidence to deal with the situation.