Environment Conservation

Human existence is quite impossible without the presence of a healthy eco-system. Our Environment comprises of all living and non-living components and their interactions with the natural habitat. With modern life style, industrialization and many such factors exert enormous pressure on the natural resources and thus endangering the flora and fauna. Green cover is also getting depleted. Environment conservation has thus become a core issue which needs addressing at multiple levels.

NGO AROHA is addressing it by:

  • Educating school children on various environment related issues & environment conservation.
  • Carrying our tree plantation projects, concentrating on indigenous trees involving local school & college students.

Environment Education

It is utmost necessary to make children aware about the importance of environment conservation, since they are going face the brunt of degradation of the ecosystem. NGO AROHA started HIRWAI green finger competition for school children of Nagpur. Children were motivated to work on live plantation projects –

  • Kitchen garden,
  • Nursery development,
  • Tree census.

Every year more than 2000 school children used to take part in the project from around 50 school. This activity was continued till 2017 and had to be stopped due to paucity of funds.


Impact was tremendous. 2000 school children along with their parents and around 50 to 60 teachers participated every year very enthusiastically in the competition. AROHA has managed to take the Green message to 20,000 house hold in ten years. The participant children became Green Ambassadors and started various Eco clubs in college and local communities

Plantation Programmes

To Maintain biodiversity of the area, NGO AROHA is promoting native trees of Central India. One such ambitious project an Urban Forest, is being developed on 18 acres of land in the premises of IIIT Nagpur where NGO AROHA plans to plant 10000 trees of native varieties.


Already the greenery is coming up on the barren land. College students are keenly participating and getting educated on the purpose of a plantation project.

Conservation of Indian trees of Central India is a conscious effort and many trees which are reducing in numbers are being planted.

Adoption of Schools for Environment Education

With the help of partners, AROHA today is working in 10 Corporation schools and one Deaf and Dumb school. AROHA’S interventions are multi-fold – teaching children to grow their own vegetables organically – This is done by developing kitchen gardens in their school premises, teaching them segregation and composting, conducting seminars and webinars on different environment related topics, friendly sustainable life style. Educational videos are prepared for this purpose, which are available on YouTube channel of ‘NGO AROHA’.