Health Care

Preventive health care and health checkup camps

NGO AROHA conducts regular studies in the community. It has been an observation that major portion of family income is spent on healthcare. This is due to nutrition deficiencies, lack of hygiene awareness and reluctance to get the health issues addressed at the initial stage. NGO AROHA conducts regular health care diagnostics camps, nutrition workshops and health awareness sessions and specially on menstrual hygiene.


Community is now aware and few cases of cancer were detected at an early stage and could be treated in time. During COVID, Community leaders got themselves educated through AROHA seminars and spread the message in their community.

Balantwida – NAMS (New born and Mothers Shield) – Protective clothing for tribal children

It is a known fact that percentage of mortality amongst children is very high in tribal areas of Vidarbha. Amongst various factors which are responsible for this, one issue which was observed was that newborn children do not have adequate clothing and some children die of hypothermia (abnormally low body temperature). Clothing is not there due to superstitions set by traditions and poverty.

Under NAMS programme, one complete set of clothing is given to newborn and new mother, which would last them for one year. A blanket is made in bigger size which a child can use up to age five. These sets of cloths are given to the institutions in the areas where tribal women go for delivery. Mrs. Alka Jog, our trustee who has retired from the post of Principal of Mayo Nursing College has taken up the responsibility of the project. The clothing which is being given is stitched by women who were trained by NGO AROHA, in tailoring.


Children and their mothers have benefited from the wonderful initiative of NGO AROHA. Women beneficiaries who were trained by AROHA, are making those baby wear and maternity gowns and earning out of this too.