Women Empowerment

Skills development

Skills Development is the development of a particular skill with proper professional training. Economically disadvantaged women from rural and urban slum areas, mostly lack the proper skills which can enable them to earn a dignified living.

Realizing this fact, NGO AROHA, ever since its inception, have been conducting skills training programmes in various vocations. In some areas, AROHA’S professional intervention have strengthened the traditional skills that they had and brought them to marketable levels. In cases where the communities did not possess traditional skills, NGO AROHA has started from the basic level and brought them up to skilled artisan levels.

It has been a Herculean task to keep them motivated and also encourage them to excel. In strengthening of pre-existing skills, focus of AROHA has been on food processing and in teaching new skill, focus has been on fabric based products training viz. basic and advanced tailoring, Ari-Jardosi, hand embroidery, screen printing as well as traditional block printing. It is rightly said that women who is expert either in using a roti rolling pin or needle and thread, will never ever sleep hungry.


With AROHA’S methodical approach, skills training has been a boon in the life of beneficiary women and today they are supporting family income.

Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP)

Banks and government schemes are concentrating on disbursement of loan to women artisan and women self-help groups. It gives advantage of self-employment and growth. AROHA is providing EDP training for these women SHGS who are aspiring for growth. EDP Programmes concentrate on enhancement of communication skills, planning, leadership qualities, making of business plan and marketing.


NGO AROHA through its intervention has helped women from Wardha district to start a food product’s brand ‘Wardhini’ (Project under the Wardha District Rural Development Authority) and from Gadchiroli, brand ‘Aranyak’ which is for the forest produce, managed by local NGO. Apart from this, other women groups are working on various products and doing quite well.

Capacity Building – Life skills

Women coming from poor economical background get exploited because they do not have basic understanding of procedures and legal rights. AROHA conducts regular programmes on Digital literacy, Financial literacy, Domestic violence and legal rights, Gender issues, Child protection, Awareness about various government schemes. Government officials and other experts in the respective fields are invited to speak to women beneficiaries and community leaders on a regular basis.


Women are more aware, confident and can deal with their financial, legal matters and issues related to children’s health and education.